Top 10 Reasons To Use Google Advertising

Whether you’re building a business from the ground up or simply looking for ways to increase quality traffic to your website, Google advertising offers an effective solution that’s also surprisingly affordable. Here are the top 10 reasons to use AdWords in your marketing plan, if you haven’t already done so:

1. Scale Advertising PPC Budget

Unlike other advertising strategies, PPC lets you adjust your budget based on leads and profits.

2. Measure Results

With many forms of advertising, it’s hard to determine how many customers are actually being impacted. With Google advertising, you can easily view metrics to determine what ads and keywords are most effective and how much traffic is being driven to your page.

3. Engage Your Audience

New ad formats mean businesses can engage with web searchers in different ways. For example, Google now allows advertisers to highlight their in-store promotions.

4. Reach More Traffic

An increasing amount of research shows that paid search traffic converts better than organic traffic. If you’re not taking advantage of Google advertising, you might be missing out on valuable leads.

5. Learn About Your Market

Google AdWords provides business owners with invaluable information about their target audiences, including the devices they use and what keywords they’re searching. As a result, companies can create more desirable products and services.

6. Save Money

You don’t have to worry about spending money without seeing results. Google Advertising with AdWords allow you to choose a cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-acquisition (CPA), or even a cost-per-thousand (CPM) viewable impressions approach. If your head is spinning… no worries we can help.

7. Target Certain Areas

With Google advertising, you can target specific geographic regions rather than advertising to everyone online.

8. Utilize Remarketing

Thanks to remarketing, your Google advertising campaigns can follow searchers around the web, offering more opportunities for them to buy your products. Also, utilizing some of Google’s great features allows you to set how long to follow a searcher. Remind searchers… don’t stalk them!

9. Reach Page One

AdWords lets you showcase your content in a place where searchers are more likely to see it. Because searchers view first page results as the most authoritative, there’s value to appearing on page one of Google.

10. Keep Up With Competitors

Reaching your target audience means utilizing all the advertising methods at your disposal. Remember, if you don’t advertise on Google, your competitors will almost certainly take advantage of the traffic you’re leaving behind.

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Sure they fall at the same time every year, but the holidays always seem to sneak up on us. For a business, that can be problematic. If you sell primarily to consumers, raising your profile during the holidays could greatly impact your annual sales. Even if you are primarily a B2B vendor, staying in customers’ minds during this time of year is important. Your first weapon to combat the holiday haze is your website. It is typically the first stop for many customers to find out more about you, your products, and your offers. Below are some ways to ensure an increase in website traffic for the holidays.

Is Your Site Ready For The Holidays?

Google Shopping Feeds

Google is the world’s largest search engine and the cornerstone of many business’ marketing plans. You can make their reach work for you by using a trio of services that will put your product images front and center during relevant searches. You will need your shopping feed, Google Merchant’s Center, and your Google Adwords account working in tandem to take advantage of the added exposure of these feeds.

Holiday-Specific SEO

Effective search engine optimization is a marathon, not a sprint; but you can optimize some pages on your site specifically for the holidays. Consider adding a few landing pages specific to your holiday offerings and make sure the SEO on these pages is targeted to holiday shoppers. Also, spend some time clicking around your site to test for things like load time, image quality, and calls-to-action. You don’t want a consumer to have any reason to leave before making a purchase, so be on the lookout for areas that might hinder a conversion. Slow load time is often the key culprit to consumers clicking out of the site, ultimately resulting in less valuable website traffic.

Pay-Per-Click Holiday Campaigns

Similar to shopping feeds, PPC campaigns can put your products in front of consumers who are searching for specific keywords. This gives you a direct line to consumers who are ostensibly looking for your product. Remarketing campaigns are also highly effective during the holidays. Customers who have previously visited your site, but haven’t purchased, will see ads for your products while they’re clicking around the Internet. It’s a good way to stay top of mind.

Make Social Work For You

Lastly, don’t forget about your social media feeds. These channels can pump up your promotional efforts with interesting content and clever community building campaigns. Just make sure that your site is ready to handle the traffic from a social media push.

No matter what tactics you use, the holidays can be a huge opportunity for you and your business, and they can generate website traffic you don’t normally see throughout the year. If you have any questions regarding how to make your site holiday-ready, please contact us at Energyhill today. Happy Holidays!

Pay for the people you want with TrueView

YouTube Size and Scope.

  • TrueView Size and Scope#1 online video site.
  • #2 largest search engine (behind Google).
  • #3 largest site.
  • 4 billion+ video streams per day.
  • 60 hours of video uploaded every minute.
  • 70% of YouTube’s traffic comes from outside the US.
  • 72%* of US online population watch a YouTube video at least once per week.
  • 52%** of people took action as result of watching a video online.    

What is AdWords for Video with TrueView?TrueView Adwords for Video

  • TrueView allows the viewer to click on the ads they want to see or skip ads that they don’t want to see on YouTube.
  • This gives the viewer a choice, and the advertiser control – so you can show your ad online, but you only pay for the ads watched.

Why use AdWords for Video with TrueView?

  • You can reach people on YouTube and the Google Display Network.
  • YouTube is the largest video site on the web.
  • Online visual and audio ads are more engaging than print or radio.
  • It’s pay-per-view advertising with various options for placements.
  • You can use analytics to track campaign performance.

How it works.

  • Ad selection is linked to your company’s YouTube account.
  • You bid for video views just like you bid for keywords on AdWords.

TrueView How it Works

With TrueView you get 4 options for ad placement

TrueView How video ads work

Effectiveness of placements

TrueView How video ads work



If you are interested in implementing True View in your next campaign. Click here and contact our team for more information.



Never miss an opportunity. This article will discuss what Dynamic Search Ads are and how they can benefit your campaigns.

dynamic ads

What are Dynamic Search Ads?

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are generated for you by Google. They target relevant customers with ads generated directly from your web site – dynamically. These ads complement your existing keyword based campaigns to deliver more clicks and conversions with less effort.

Why use Dynamic Search Ads?

  • It’s effective – during testing, most advertisers saw up to 10%* more clicks and conversions with satisfactory ROI
  • It won’t compete with existing active keywords
  • It will not affect your campaigns’ quality score
  • DSA will work with all extensions: Sitelinks, Location Extensions, Product Extensions, Social Extensions and Phone Extensions.

How it works.

With Dynamic Search Ads, Google keeps track of your inventory using its organic web crawling technology. When a relevant Google Search occurs, Google creates an ad with a headline based on the search term used by your customer and text based on your most relevant landing page. The ad enters the auction and competes normally – but is held back for any search where you already have an eligible keyword-targeted ad. It also advertises more of your in-stock inventory – without making any changes to your existing keyword campaigns

Two things to keep in mind.

  1. Every day 15%* of searches are new searches that Google has never seen before
  2. Dynamic Search Ads keep your AdWords campaigns in sync with what you’re selling and what users are searching for right now


Save time

Google AdWords will scan the content of your website and determine which searches might be relevant to the products on your website for you

Shows relevant ads

When a customers’ search is relevant to your product or service, Google AdWords will dynamically generate an ad for you

Control your campaign

You can show ads based on your entire website, or specific categories or pages. Or, prevent your ads from showing for products that are temporarily out-of-stock.

If you would like to implement dynamic search ads, or advertising in general. Visit our advertising page.