Strategic Plan

Energyhill helps organizations realize their goals by creating impactful, modern and fiscally responsible solutions. Our process is a mixed methodological approach (both quantitate and qualitative). This helps your organization set a clear direction for your marketing strategy. Also, any tactics in the future are fairly easy to determine once the strategy is in place. Energyhill developed “Only at Farragut” for Admiral Farragut Academy as they are the only school to send multiple graduates to the moon, offer pilot licenses, and scuba diving licenses. There was also a clear message and tone developed with the redesign of their website. However, this simple, effective, memorable message sticks with the target audience. “Saving Lives with High Voltage Proximity Alarms” is blunt and to the point, but helped Sigalarm strengthen their brand. Strategic planning should be exciting, as it is the culmination of you and your organization’s goals.

Partnership Approach

Great marketing and advertising can make the initial connection. We believe in partnership relationships. Do you need sales training, business planning, or work on a rebrand of your organization? After working with global brands, non-profits, and businesses of every size we love the challenge and look forward to helping you.

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