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Google To Roll-Out Mobile-First Index Sites: What Is A Mobile-First Index?

It’s no secret that Google holds the purse strings when it comes to online indexing and search results. After all, the ubiquitous search engine has become a noun and a verb. However, online search activity migrating from desktops to mobile devices is bringing about a change in Google’s initial search assumptions. Here is a quick rundown of what […]


Use Testimonials To Build Site Visitors’ Trust

Let’s talk about trust for a moment. It’s perhaps one of the most important elements of engaging customers and inspiring a purchase. This makes sense because trust is earned, not bought or given. So how does a brand earn it? And more importantly, how do you use your consumers’ trust in you and your products to enhance sales? […]

The What, Why and How of Defining Your Team’s Mission

Working toward a common goal with like-minded team members is often the quickest way to achieve. Especially in an office environment where different experience levels, skill sets, and motivations exist, it helps to put everyone on the same page by clearly stating your company mission. However, many organizations’ view their mission statement as an afterthought […]


Renton Prep

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman’s Testimony Capturing the heart of a message is the most important thing we do. Dr. Michelle Zimmerman testimonial conveys this point. In advertising and design we are not always challenged with simply solving a problem. Sometimes it goes much deeper than that. How do you convey a mission, that doesn’t have a […]

Recap of SEO de Mayo 2017, SEO Defined

At Energyhill we believe that SEO is the science and art of ranking higher on search engines for more organic traffic. SEO means search engine optimization. Over the past few decades SEO defined has taken a new form of relevancy for businesses, and organizations. During the SEO event on May 5th, 2017 we discussed the […]

Best 7 Ways to Deal with Negative Customers

Energyhill always wants our partners to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to their social media presence. With negative comments and rhetoric, it is easy for difficult social users to negatively impact your brand. That’s why our goal at Energyhill is to provide our partners with the right tools to make a positive […]

Speed Optimization is Key

What if you only had a limited amount of time to impress someone? You would want to show your absolute best self, and we couldn’t agree more.  Wouldn’t you want to handle your website the exact same way?  Today, first impressions are everything. You want to capture your audience’s attention, making them remember you. You […]

Google Kills Intrusive Popups in 2017

The year 2017 will be remembered for many reasons, including being known as the year Google killed the intrusive popups. Sites that allow intrusive popup ads will be penalized by the search engine giant starting in 2017. The announcement is one of two soon-to-be-implemented changes to mobile search results, with the changes aimed to make content searches more efficient.


Dynamic Search Ads

Never miss an opportunity. This article will discuss what Dynamic Search Ads are and how they can benefit your campaigns. What are Dynamic Search Ads? Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are generated for you by Google. They target relevant customers with ads generated directly from your web site – dynamically. These ads complement your existing keyword based […]

Training Session Built for Success

Have you ever attended a training session or training seminar or listened to a sales pitch and got the feeling that you should leave or just end the meeting? Where you’re debating in your mind if it’s a waste of time? I think we all have been there before. We all know that time is money and money is time, there is always another project we could be working on and another email to respond to. In this post I’m going to give you a few cues that will help you decide when its time to leave.