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energyhill Develops Mobile App to Simplify Tuition Payments

The Tampa-based creative marketing agency designed, developed, and branded the app to make tuition management easy. January 28, 2021 / TAMPA, FL — Tuition Education Platform (TuitionEP.com), allows schools to collect tuition and fees from parents with an app for iOS and Android. The app, which can be branded for individual schools, has collected over […]

energyhill Client Mighty Carver to Appear on ABC’s Shark Tank

TAMPA, Fla. — Mighty Carver, a unique electric knife invented by a Florida couple, was selected from over 37,000 applicants to present on Season 12 of ABC’s Shark Tank. Creative marketing agency energyhill, based in Tampa, Florida, led the marketing, design, and brand of the Mighty Carver to position the business for retail success since […]


energyhill Wins 9 National Marketing Awards

This has been a massive year for energyhill, a creative digital marketing agency in Tampa, Florida. It was an honor to win nine marketing awards from national and international organizations for our work in 2020. The awards ranged across digital marketing campaigns, brand design, website design, app design and development, video campaigns, print media, and […]


Free Marketing Budget Template | Manage Marketing Budget

We’ve previously discussed how much of total revenue should go toward your marketing budget, but managing that marketing spend is a whole other story. In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to plan out that marketing budget, and where to allocate resources with a marketing budget template in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. With the […]

The Best Apps for Agile Project Management

Just about everything we do at energyhill is project managed and monitored so we can stay on top of our work for every client. But we couldn’t do it without the power of technology and apps that bring all of our work together. To get project management right, it takes a ton of technology to […]

Simplifying Project Management with 5 Steps

There’s a lot that goes into a marketing plan and execution for clients. How can you ensure the work is getting done and getting results? That’s where simplifying project management processes comes in. On today’s Modern Marketing, Dr. Ryan Lowe is joined by guest Orlando Lugo to go through five steps to get your project […]

A Guide to HubSpot Contacts | Tech Tutorials

You are probably connected with thousands of people via email and social media. So how do you keep up with everyone? There’s a faster way to do things to handle the modern contact list. The HubSpot contacts feature is essential to managing and staying up to date with our business connections. In this Tech Tutorial, […]

How Leadership Models Influence Professional Development Plans

Have you ever wondered if you’re using the right leadership model for your personality? To be a great leader, you have to invest time, energy, and resources into the team around you. Everyone leads differently, but professional development plans are key to keep our team moving toward their individual career goals and higher management positions. […]

How to use HubSpot Sequences | Tech Tutorial

Staying in touch with your contact list is crucial, but sometimes it may seem overwhelming. with HubSpot’s sequences, connecting with your contacts consistently can be automated, personal, and easy. 📩🗣 In this episode of tech tutorials, energyhill president Ryan Lowe walks through how we integrate HubSpot’s sequences to send targeted, timed emails to nurture leads […]

10 Ways Online Payments for Tuition Save Schools Money

If your family has ever had to pay tuition to a private K-12 school, you know the hassle of transferring money, writing a check or money order, and ensuring the school receives the payment. For schools and parents, Tuition Education Platform is an iOS and Android application making online payments for tuition simpler and safer. […]