What Is the Value of Good SEO (vs. Bad)?

If you operate an online business, then you probably know how important it is to have good SEO. But what distinguishes good search engine optimization from bad? And, how do you know that your online marketing company is doing everything it should to earn you a top spot in the organic search results?

The fact is that Google is constantly updating its search algorithm, and marketers that neglect to keep up with the latest changes can easily see their good SEO efforts turn bad. Here are some ways in which SEO plays a vital role in your company’s success or failure:

What Is the Value of Good SEO (vs. Bad)?

Improved User Experience

Good SEO is an essential element of a site’s user experience. Along with impacting a site’s position in the search results, SEO can affect whether or not a site is easy to navigate, readable, and mobile friendly. The latter quality is especially important in light of the fact that approximately 60 percent of searches now occur on mobile devices. By utilizing an effective and modern SEO strategy, you show customers that you care about their experience and that you are always learning to make it better.

Superior Brand Reputation

Using the most cutting-edge SEO techniques can help position your business as an industry leader. After all, searchers tend to view the first few results on a page as the most authoritative. When you target the right keywords in your web content, you ensure that your business is seen by the ideal customers and clients and that they begin to view you as a trusted name in your field. Bad SEO? Well, ineffective practices won’t get you anywhere near the top.

Affordable Marketing Solution

SEO’s greatest value might just be its affordability. Unlike pay-per-click advertising, SEO lets you grow sales without stretching your budget too far. In fact, businesses often find that SEO offers better ROI than other types of online marketing. Now, this is true for good SEO practices. Bad SEO practices, while perhaps cheap, may only land your site in a troubling spot by getting your site flagged or banned from top search engines.

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Renton Prep

It was the summer of 2016 and we received a request for more information from a school with a unique mission, strong vision, and enlightened action. Renton Prep wanted a full redesign of their web presence, as well as, marketing and design support for their schools. After a business consultation, we set goals to position them as the global leaders in technology. Energyhill achieved this by creating branding, video, advertising, and marketing collateral for the schools. Since the summer of 2016, we have partnered with Renton Prep to create stunning videos and collaborative experiences. The work that has come from this partnership spans, print collateral, landing page design, conference banners, one sheets, ad campaigns, social campaigns, and more.Featured Partner: Renton Prep

Renton Prep Leading Technology and Education

This forward thinking school needed to be showcased. The challenge was fairly simple. We only needed to tell their stories. How fantastic are the Renton Prep teachers, students, staff, and technology that they use? Simply put, world class. Microsoft, Amazon, HTC, and other leading tech companies and organizations often visit Renton Prep to see and study the trends of where technology and education are headed.

Energyhill Redesigns

The redesign of their website and re-organization of their content yielded a 6,844% increase in monthly traffic to their website. Yes, almost 7,000%. This is organic traffic, no digital advertising (yet). What’s great about Renton Prep is that they are an amazing brand. Working with them is a complete joy. For one of the video shoots we produced, a local makeup artist was hired. She said, “I just really like working with this group of people, they’re fantastic.” We couldn’t agree more, great people, amazing students.

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman’s Testimony

Capturing the heart of a message is the most important thing we do. Dr. Michelle Zimmerman testimonial conveys this point. In advertising and design we are not always challenged with simply solving a problem. Sometimes it goes much deeper than that. How do you convey a mission, that doesn’t have a simple ending point. Energyhill’s culture is to capture an audience by exemplifying the core of your message. Thanks Dr. Zimmerman for including us in your schools’ journey.


Speed Optimization is Key

What if you only had a limited amount of time to impress someone? You would want to show your absolute best self, and we couldn’t agree more.  Wouldn’t you want to handle your website the exact same way?  Today, first impressions are everything. You want to capture your audience’s attention, making them remember you. You want your website’s uploading time to be fast.  Trust us, speed optimization is a good thing when it comes to your brand and website.

5 Seconds to Impress: Speed up your Website

5 Seconds to Impress

Speed Optimization is Key

Instant gratification has never been more, well, instant. We can connect constantly, find answers in a flash, and capture real life in real time—then share it with the world a moment later. So it’s no surprise online users don’t have much patience when it comes to website load times.

No one likes the loading screen—especially your customers. Sure, you know to optimize your site for search engine keywords, but how about speed optimization? Who cares how strong your content is when it isn’t reaching your readers fast enough? Speed optimization is one of the most crucial factors for retaining engaged users and gaining conversions. Engage them or loose them. The results are clear: you’ve got 5 seconds to make a good impression (literally and figuratively speaking). 74% of users will leave a mobile site after waiting 5 seconds for it to load. If you don’t engage them after those 5 Mississippis, they will click elsewhere. Almost half of users won’t return to a poorly performing site.*

Think of it like a first date—one where you definitely don’t want to show up late.

There is this thing called the speed test. You’re here (and still reading) for a reason. The Energyhill website loads in 1.11 seconds, which is 88% faster than all tested websites across the Pingdom Tools. To move with greater speed and agility, your site needs to be tested and analyzed for hang-ups. Once those factors are identified—which can include everything from oversized images to CSS code to external media—they can be addressed for a smoother user experience.

Dont Blink

According to research from the Aberdeen Group, for every 1 second delay in page load time, customer satisfaction plummets 16% and conversion rates by 7%.** These numbers reveal the dramatic effects of speed on your customer’s emotional and behavioral responses, and ultimately your business’s success. Energyhill is a strong advocate for Speed Optimization and will keeping up with it as fast as we can. If you want a stellar website, you’ve got to speed things up. The cliche has never been more true: every second counts.

Google Kills Intrusive Popups in 2017

RIP Intrusive Popups

RIP Intrusive Popups

The year 2017 will be remembered for many reasons, including being known as the year Google killed the intrusive popups. The search engine giant will start penalizing sites that use intrusive popup ads.  These changes will make content searches more efficient.

Mobile Search Results, Simplified

Two years ago, Google created a mobile-friendly label that made it much easier for users to find pages with readable content. The label let users know what pages did not require zooming in or tap targets without the proper spacing. As this ecosystem has evolved, 85 percent of all mobile search result pages now meet this standard. Also this feature adds a mobile-friendly label. Google has decided to remove the label in order to “keep search results uncluttered,” but will continue to use mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal.

Popups = Less Accessible Content

Google will improve the mobile search experience in the new year by ranking content according to accessibility. Popups that hide the main content on a page, whether immediately after a user clicks on the page or while browsing the page, is an example of less-than-accessible content. Other techniques that impede content accessibility according to Google include stand-alone interstitial displays and layouts where the above-the-fold portion of the page is similar to a standalone interstitial. In the latter example, the content is hiding underneath the fold.

How The Penalties Will Work

The mighty search engine does not plan to penalize sites that use interstitials. It will only punish those featuring popups that take users to different screens or make content less accessible. No penalty will be applied to banner ads and login boxes will not be penalized.

This announcement has resulted in mixed feelings from site operators and publishers who count on interstitials for revenue. We are happy with Google’s announcement and welcome the change.

Energyhill’s Site Audit

Be ready for Google’s change in 2017. We can help you make certain your site is ready for Google in 2017. Please visit for a full analysis of your website, so you can make sure your site is optimized and penalty free in 2017.

Brand Journalism: Press Releases & SEO


Brand journalism is no longer about whether it can play a huge part in press releases (learn more at prnewschannel.comrather, how your business can make the most of this relationship.

Journalistic styles are changing, and brand journalism is the new normal. Traditional press release styles have all but disappeared and evolved into more creative and compelling content. The backbone of brand journalism is the use of a story. This helps build a relationship and encourage genuine conversation between the business and the consumer.

Brand Journalism: The Importance of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a central part of any business strategy in today’s market. Optimized content drives consumers to your site, increasing the opportunity for brand recognition, visibility, and sales. Maximizing your content i performing a delicate dance of keywords, phrases, and focused, audience driven content on each and every page of your website.

Social Media Influence

Consider the influence of the social networking. Social media has emerged as a dynamic platform for your audience to share content with other consumers easily and at no cost to them.

Social media shares and blogging creates links across the web, passing your content to all interested parties and improving the search engine ranking of your website.

Simply put, it’s not enough to create compelling content. All press releases should be optimized for search engines and social media in order to maximize its viewership and improve your overall SEO.

What to Expect from your PR or SEO company

It is imperative to understand the benefits SEO optimized content. Keywords help search engines find your content and also ensure that it is targeted to the right audience.

Your SEO or PR company should seek out relationships with bloggers, publishers, and social media users. Furthermore, this will encourage circulation of your press release and obtain third party links whenever possible.

As a result, when your press release successfully goes viral, congratulate yourself, but accept that your work is not done. Search engine optimization is an ongoing project that requires continual updates to content, and a careful study of your analytics on a regular basis.

Talk to our team for more information.

3 Ways Blogging Can Help Your Business

Blogging For Your Business

Blogging. The idea that everyone on earth wants to hear what happened to you today or how you feel about life. Boring, right? Do you want to do a blog for your business? Absolutely.

Though personal blogs remain alive and well, over the years many businesses have joined in the movement, using blogs to greatly improve their online presence. Instead of sharing details of people’s lives, business blogs share the company brand, voice and goals.

If your business doesn’t blog, it should. What most businesses don’t realize about blogging is the potential for growth and visibility that they offer. Even a few blog posts a month can increase your web presence and improve your SEO.

Not convinced yet? Here are 3 ways blogging can benefit your business.

Improve Your SEO & Site Traffic

Search engines love new content, and blog posts are a great way to create fresh, new content around your brand and what you’re all about. Use your blog posts to inform your customers about those products and services that they love, give them great how-to’s on making the most your products and services, and help them connect more deeply to the value you bring to their lives. In doing this, you’ll naturally incorporate the keywords and phrases they are using online when searching for this information – aligning your content with what they’re looking for, improving your SEO and increasing your visibility on the web.

You can also power up on that SEO with quality links – between related posts or to other pertinent information on the Web. Share your content across your social media channels to get the word out and drive even more traffic to your site. 

Build Relationships

Earlier we touched on helping your customers connect more deeply with your brand. That’s how great relationships are built. Your blog can help you strengthen the connection you already have with loyal customers, and also build new connections with potential costumers. As you share your business expertise and inform them of upcoming trends, specials and news, you will be letting them know that you care about them personally.

The number one rule here is: Be helpful. Your business blog is not all about salesmanship – it’s about being helpful to your audience. To be successful, you should always write with your audience in mind. Blog for your customers, and don’t be afraid to keep them on their toes! Ask them for feedback on a topic, share funny stories, and celebrate holidays and events with them.

Brand Recognition

Blogging gives your business a voice and is the perfect place to let your company’s culture and personality shine through. This is your platform with which to share your expertise and set your business apart as a leader in your market.

How do you want people to think of your business? Your blog provides a place for your brand, creativity, enthusiasm and vision to be heard. Make sure your message is loud and clear, so people will understand and remember you when the time comes to make a purchasing decision.

Blogging – Just do it

Business blogs are a wonderful way for your company to interact with your consumers, improve your SEO and build your brand. And best of all, it’s not only a very profitable form of marketing, it’s also one of the cheapest available. So now you have no excuses to avoid blogging any longer. Create an editorial calendar  or talk to us and get blogging!