The Tampa-based creative marketing agency designed, developed, and branded the app to make tuition management easy.

January 28, 2021 / TAMPA, FL — Tuition Education Platform (, allows schools to collect tuition and fees from parents with an app for iOS and Android. The app, which can be branded for individual schools, has collected over $3.3 million in tuition payments and fees for educational institutions since it was created in 2018, saving schools over six figures on tuition management along the way.

Creative marketing and design agency energyhill, based in Tampa, Florida, led the marketing, design, and development of TuitionEP (TEP) in order to help schools and administrators collect payments and ease traditionally clunky processes for parents.

tuition payments made simple

Tuition Payments — TuitionEP

TuitionEP is a user-friendly app that offers a simple payment solution for parents. Collect payments conveniently and securely for your school, club or organization.

“As a parent of four, the frustration we had led to the creation of TEP.” Dr. Ryan Lowe, founder of said. “We haven’t written checks for years, and schools need something easy and app-driven to improve the payment experience. Our solution is an app that allows freedom for parents to pay or autopay any time — not just when banks are open. TuitionEP solves this simple need and saves schools and organizations money in the process.

With secure payment collection and ease in tracking tuition using TuitionEP, Renton Prep Christian School saved over $80,000 in processing and overhead fees in 2020.

stress-free transactions

With TuitionEP, parents link their preferred payment method and make payments with just a few swipes. In addition to tuition payments, schools use the app to collect fees for field trips, school lunches, sports, and other activity fees.

Other features include:

  • Multi-user payment options
  • Swipe N’Pay
  • Check payment history
  • Financial summary report
  • Evergreen enrollment

secure tuition payment options

TEP uses the Stripe payment platform to guarantee safe and secure payments. All transactions are audited by a PCI Quality Security Assessor (QSA). Payment options include: checking and savings accounts, debit or credit cards, and even international payments.

brandable tuition platform

Schools can customize the app and create a branded experience. Add school logo, colors, school information, and make the platform perfect for students’ parents.

“Schools and organizations should want to keep all of their tools looking and aligning with their brand,” Dr. Lowe said. “Administrators can upload their logo and colors and the app will align with their brand, keeping everything consistent.”

Tuition Payments — TuitionEP

future of TuitionEP

The roadmap for TuitionEP includes a growth plan for self-serve export of payments (completed in 2020), dashboards, bulk edit, field trips, an even better user design and experience, integrations with bookkeeping and accounting software, and much more.

“The next large update for TEP 2.0 is going to be a game-changer for the industry.” Dr. Lowe said. “2020 was a wake-up call for education. We want to help schools and organizations be ready for what’s coming.”

about energyhill

energyhill was founded in 2013 in Tampa, Florida, by Dr. Ryan and Gloria Lowe, to deliver excellence in creative marketing. After decades of experience working in marketing including high-profile clients such as Walmart, eBay, and Best Buy, they created energyhill to be a marketing agency that’s different — one that prioritizes great design and the client’s needs.

Learn more about what they do and their award-winning work at

This has been a massive year for energyhill, a creative digital marketing agency in Tampa, Florida. It was an honor to win nine marketing awards from national and international organizations for our work in 2020.

The awards ranged across digital marketing campaigns, brand design, website design, app design and development, video campaigns, print media, and augmented reality. Our team worked tirelessly to bring brands to life through campaigns. Those campaigns were recognized for breaking through with poignant messages from four different organizations.

“Awards aren’t our goal, however it’s affirmation for what we do to help our clients,” energyhill President Dr. Ryan Lowe said. “The perfect win-win-win for us in any project is if it helps us grow, it’s profitable for the client, and if it’s award-worthy, which is just the cherry on top. … I know we do good work, but it’s gratifying that other people think so too.”

Of the 9 awards, four are Hermes Awards for video, print media, interactive brand experience, and mobile app. Two of the awards came from the dotCOMM Awards — platinum in business-to-consumer website and gold for innovative mobile app. Two others were from the Communicator Awards for website and web series, both recognizing work for our partner Renton Prep. Lastly, our video campaign for Renton Prep also won an NYX Video Award.

Hermes Awards

energyhill was awarded one Platinum and three Gold awards from the Hermes Creative Awards. Hermes Awards

First, we received the Platinum award in Video for our Renton Prep Stories campaign. The campaign’s mission was to feature stories of student success and opportunities at the K-10 school in Renton, Washington. In total, the campaign included 17 stories from the school.

“It’s easier to tell a story than create a mission statement,” Dr. Ryan Lowe said. “With Stories from Renton Prep, we took that element of graduates and some still in school and told their story for something that’s relatable. It can be fun for prospective families, and it’s good for the culture of the school.”

The first of our three gold awards were awarded in print media and design, recognizing our branded event materials for Sigalarm. In order to promote the brand at conference events, we created branded invitations, flyers, one-sheets, playing cards, bottle koozies, and event banners for the proximity alarm company.

interactive brand experience marketing awards

Furthermore, the second and third gold awards were for the interactive brand experience and app we created for Founding Fathers Fireworks. To begin with, energyhill handled the branding of Founding Fathers Fireworks, working closely with founder Kristy Hunnewell to achieve the company’s goals.

Specifically, that included web design, brand design, and app design centered around the augmented reality and history of United States Presidents through fireworks.

“Kristy’s vision was there, we just had to bring it to life,” energyhill Creative Director Gloria Lowe said. “It was very fun to start from the beginning when there’s nothing — logo colors, packaging design, branding, website, and then the app and augmented reality.”

DotCOMM AwardsDotCOMM Awards

When we started working with client Griffin Pools this year, their fantastic pool constructions in Central Florida were buried behind an uninspiring website and inconsistent branding. However, with great work comes massive potential. energyhill created a new set of brand colors and freshened up their website with an entirely new, modern design and improved SEO.

The project was recognized with a Platinum Award from the dotCOMM Awards for excellence in website redesign (business-to-consumer). Coupled with an interactive tool to generate leads for the Lakeland-based pool company, Griffin Pools has far exceeded their expectations for leads.

Additionally, energyhill won a Gold award for our work on the previously mentioned Founding Fathers Fireworks mobile app.

Communicator AwardsCommunicator Awards

Both submissions to the Communicator Awards stemmed from our work with Renton Prep. Our Renton Stories campaign was recognized with a Gold Award of Excellence for Campaign or Web Series.

Additionally, we were awarded a Silver Award of Excellence for our website redesign for Renton Prep. At the start of our relationship, our team started working with Renton Prep with a website redesign. This included both in visual design and content organization for SEO. Notably, the redesign met the school’s goals to position them as an established technology-first school and greatly increased traffic to the website.

“Renton Prep is naturally content-driven, putting out great content from an educational standpoint. However, they weren’t doing it on their website,” Dr. Ryan Lowe said. “We decided, ‘Let’s open this up across the board,’ and that’s where they became a Microsoft Showcase school and it certainly helped achieve all the goals they had.”

NYX Video AwardNYX Video Award

Finally, we wrap up our awards with an NYX Video Award for our Renton Prep Stories series. NYX Awards are for the best visual creative ideas from around the world. As noted before, this campaign’s goal was to highlight students’ successes and opportunities at Renton Prep.

creative marketing that inspires

Behind all of our projects is the same creative energy to build inspiring experiences that exceed our partners’ goals. We’re so proud that our work was recognized among the best of the best this year. But moreover, we’re excited to help organizations consistently reach their business goals.

Are you looking for an award-winning marketing team to help your business grow? We’re here for you. Contact us today, and let’s build an award-winning experience for your business.