Top 10 Reasons To Use Google Advertising

Top 10 Reasons To Use Google Advertising

Whether you’re building a business from the ground up or simply looking for ways to increase quality traffic to your website, Google advertising offers an effective solution that’s also surprisingly affordable. Here are the top 10 reasons to use AdWords in your marketing plan, if you haven’t already done so:

1. Scale Advertising PPC Budget

Unlike other advertising strategies, PPC lets you adjust your budget based on leads and profits.

2. Measure Results

With many forms of advertising, it’s hard to determine how many customers are actually being impacted. With Google advertising, you can easily view metrics to determine what ads and keywords are most effective and how much traffic is being driven to your page.

3. Engage Your Audience

New ad formats mean businesses can engage with web searchers in different ways. For example, Google now allows advertisers to highlight their in-store promotions.

4. Reach More Traffic

An increasing amount of research shows that paid search traffic converts better than organic traffic. If you’re not taking advantage of Google advertising, you might be missing out on valuable leads.

5. Learn About Your Market

Google AdWords provides business owners with invaluable information about their target audiences, including the devices they use and what keywords they’re searching. As a result, companies can create more desirable products and services.

6. Save Money

You don’t have to worry about spending money without seeing results. Google Advertising with AdWords allow you to choose a cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-acquisition (CPA), or even a cost-per-thousand (CPM) viewable impressions approach. If your head is spinning… no worries we can help.

7. Target Certain Areas

With Google advertising, you can target specific geographic regions rather than advertising to everyone online.

8. Utilize Remarketing

Thanks to remarketing, your Google advertising campaigns can follow searchers around the web, offering more opportunities for them to buy your products. Also, utilizing some of Google’s great features allows you to set how long to follow a searcher. Remind searchers… don’t stalk them!

9. Reach Page One

AdWords lets you showcase your content in a place where searchers are more likely to see it. Because searchers view first page results as the most authoritative, there’s value to appearing on page one of Google.

10. Keep Up With Competitors

Reaching your target audience means utilizing all the advertising methods at your disposal. Remember, if you don’t advertise on Google, your competitors will almost certainly take advantage of the traffic you’re leaving behind.

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Renton Prep

It was the summer of 2016 and we received a request for more information from a school with a unique mission, strong vision, and enlightened action. Renton Prep wanted a full redesign of their web presence, as well as, marketing and design support for their schools. After a business consultation, we set goals to position them as the global leaders in technology. Energyhill achieved this by creating branding, video, advertising, and marketing collateral for the schools. Since the summer of 2016, we have partnered with Renton Prep to create stunning videos and collaborative experiences. The work that has come from this partnership spans, print collateral, landing page design, conference banners, one sheets, ad campaigns, social campaigns, and more.Featured Partner: Renton Prep

Renton Prep Leading Technology and Education

This forward thinking school needed to be showcased. The challenge was fairly simple. We only needed to tell their stories. How fantastic are the Renton Prep teachers, students, staff, and technology that they use? Simply put, world class. Microsoft, Amazon, HTC, and other leading tech companies and organizations often visit Renton Prep to see and study the trends of where technology and education are headed.

Energyhill Redesigns

The redesign of their website and re-organization of their content yielded a 6,844% increase in monthly traffic to their website. Yes, almost 7,000%. This is organic traffic, no digital advertising (yet). What’s great about Renton Prep is that they are an amazing brand. Working with them is a complete joy. For one of the video shoots we produced, a local makeup artist was hired. She said, “I just really like working with this group of people, they’re fantastic.” We couldn’t agree more, great people, amazing students.

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman’s Testimony

Capturing the heart of a message is the most important thing we do. Dr. Michelle Zimmerman testimonial conveys this point. In advertising and design we are not always challenged with simply solving a problem. Sometimes it goes much deeper than that. How do you convey a mission, that doesn’t have a simple ending point. Energyhill’s culture is to capture an audience by exemplifying the core of your message. Thanks Dr. Zimmerman for including us in your schools’ journey.


Getting Social on Google Plus

The internet makes it so easy to be inventive and creative with our social media platforms. Hence snapping a selfie, posting pictures,  and with instant automatic “likes” the possibilities are endless. You hear the word Google and the term “I should just Google it” comes to mind. Whether it is to learn how to do a simple task, buying a gift for a love one, or just wanting to know an answer to a question. Have you ever thought about taking your Google experience social by using Google plus? This little social gem has been opening doors to a whole new way of marketing.

Google Plus will no longer be available for consumers in August 2019! Read our updated article on Google Plus.

Getting Social on Google Plus: A new way of Marketing 

What is Google Plus (Google+)?

  • Launched by Google in June 2011.
  • It has 400 million* registered users.
  • Users add friends to their ‘circles’ to share content and to video chat.
  • The top branded pages on Google+ (Google Plus) have several million followers.

What can Google+ do for you?

See an average increase of 5-10%* in search and click-through rates with Google+. (Google Plus)

Why use Google+?

Boost online marketing performance.

  • Get closer to potential customers when they’re online and engaged.
  • Increase awareness with Google+ recommendations. Customers’ circles can see the brands and companies that they are following on Google+.
  • Build trust – potential customers look favorably on brands if they see that people in their circles like them.

Getting started with Google+ is easy.

Get started in only 3 steps.

  • Create a Google+ page and get it verified. It will be the centre of your brand’s identity on Google.
  • Add the Google+ badge to your company website to help grow your Google+ followers.
  • Link your Google+ page to your ads.

This is how your page could look.


Link your Google+ page to your ads.

Expand your brand presence online.

  • Get more recommendations, follows, clicks and potential customers by linking your page and your ads.
  • Linking combines the +1’s on
    Google+ pages with campaigns.
  • This helps to increase an ad’s
    click-through rate by 5-10%*.


Measuring the impact of Google+.

Using AdWords.

By using the +1 Annotations section in Google AdWords Reporting, it is easy to see full statistics including clicks, impressions and click-through rates for campaigns linked to your brand’s Google+ page.

Getting Social on Google Plus: Makes your experience social and engaging.

Like I said, this little social gem has been opening doors to a whole new way of marketing. Google Plus is breaking the trends and making waves, if you want to know more  and get some insight; take a look on google’s plus site!

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