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Chloe Hall (Energyhill's SEO and Digital Ad Specialist) was awarded the 5 Specialist Google AdWords award for online advertising in September 2015

PPC Advertising a good Return on Investment

Chloe Hall goes over the top level points on how online advertising with Energyhill can benefit your business and brand.

The best Advertising Campaigns, period.

Energyhill is an advertising and creative design agency that specializes in online advertising management and PPC advertising. All of our account managers are Google Adwords and Bing certified professionals. Your advertising campaigns need love. We offer the ability to track them in more ways than just a form being filled out. Calls are tracked, form submissions are monitored and remarketing is done to make certain your Return On Investment is as high as possible. Gloria and Ryan have brought the best advertising has to offer for some of the largest brands in the world: The Citadel, Walmart, eBay and BestBuy. How can we make your best campaigns? First, let’s choose your direction. We optimize campaigns for two things: leads or sales.

Leads or Sales

We help you decide the approach for the maximum ROI for your ad campaign

Call tracking and contact reporting

Full transparency for your ads is given for all calls received

Geo-targeting for campaigns

Online advertising allows for targeting of your ideal clients

Here is a sample of a display banner:

Online advertising display banner for USM Lencioni 300x600

Awarding winning designers

Ryan and Gloria Lowe have worked for some of the best brands and earned awards ranging from ADDYs to Best of the Bay along the way.

Live Google Docs sync and CRM integration

Your forms will transcribe to Google sheets for immediate transparency. We also integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Simple flat fee management packages

All of our packages are scaled to accommodate your growth and full advertising potential.

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Dr. Ryan Lowe - Advertising, Design and Video Professional

Dr. Ryan Edward Lowe
Certified Google AdWords Professional
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Gloria Lowe - Energyhill's Founder and Creative Director for Advertising, Design and Video

Gloria Lowe
CEO and Founder
Creative Director
(813) 606-4245 →

Chloe Hall
SEO and Digital Ad Specialist
Certified Google AdWords 5 Specialist
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The Energyhill PPC advertising process


Energyhill completes a free website and advertising audit to help with keyword strategy for your brand.


We help you choose the best plan for your goals and budget.


We work together with you to design the best online advertising campaigns.


Keep the ROI high, we optimize your campaigns to keep it that way.


The fun part! Growing your business.
Online reporting allows you to make decisions and track improvement.

We love advertising with our partners! ♥

Choosing an advertising and marketing company is an important investment in the growth of your business. We used a few companies in the past, but they did not live up to our expectations. We finally had the pleasure to find such a professional and courteous company as Energyhill. Our experience on the advertising campaign has improved drastically and our leads have been nonstop. We have recently started the PPC campaign and the return has been a great investment for our business. We highly recommend Energyhill Team for your advertising and marketing needs. They transformed the way we interact with our customers!

Well, once again you geniuses at Energyhill have done it. Wow, you sure do make me look good.

Frequently asked questions for PPC Advertising

How does the beta trial work?

No one knows your customers better than you. With Pay Per Click advertising, not only are you are able to identify your perfect customer, you are able to connect with them when they are searching for you, by using specific targeting tactics. Such as:

  • keywords,
  • device (tablet, phone, desktop)
  • demographics (age, location, language)
  • and even days, times, and frequency.

That alone can help any business grow.

What are the benefits of online advertising vs traditional advertising?

The great thing about online advertising is that it’s extremely measurable. With analytics as well as call tracking you can make sure that every dollar you spend is a good investment as well as a great return.

Also keep in mind that with online advertising, not only are you sharing your brand, you are reaching and engaging with qualified leads who are seeking out your services and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. With traditional advertising (such as magazines) anyone and everyone is seeing your ad and you are paying for it even if it doesn’t result in a conversion.

How much does PPC advertising cost?

You can control your costs at no minimum and you only pay when someone clicks. Depending on your goals you might want to have an ad spend that increases during the holidays or seasonal events. Remember we only charge management fees your ad spend will be paid to Google.

Do you have an example on costs and ROI?

Yes, we do. We have a client that their minimum revenue for their product is $5,000. In 7 days of advertising they had 23 clicks on their ad. Their Average CPC on that ad was 5.16 and they received 2 conversions out of the 23 clicks. The total cost spent in the 7 days was $118.76. Meaning their potential total ROI is estimated to be $9,881.24. Their advertising monthly budget is $1000 / month, but with this performance it has increased. We help you with making these decisions.

What is the importance of having measurable ROI for a campaign?

Say you paid for your ad to be in a magazine. The distribution had roughly 600,000 subscribers that were “guaranteed” to get the magazine. That’s great, if you’re the publisher. With this type of advertising you can never be guaranteed to have someone buy something based off of your ad. Let alone see your ad at all. And if they did, you may never know the source of purchase.

With PPC Campaigns when someone clicks, visits your website or just sees your ad even if they don’t convert you can remarket to them, say with a display campaign. This isn’t doable with traditional media.

What is the importance of customers finding you on the Internet?

The possibilities when customers are engaging with your business online, are endless. That is if they can find you. That is the real struggle. For example if you are a restaurant owner and were faced with the decision of where to place your restaurant, would you place it on the corner of a busy intersection, or at the end of a dead-end road? Obviously we would all pick the busy intersection. The Internet for many websites unfortunately is a dead end road. However with online advertising, you can make your brand known.