U.S. Bridge Connecting Downtown Chicago Infographic

Landing Page • Advertising • Infographic

U.S. Bridge’s mission is to connect communities one steel bridge at a time. Therefore, when the city of Chicago needed an interim bridge to replace the Chicago Avenue bridge, U.S. Bridge stepped up to the plate. The Chicago Avenue bridge was built in 1914 and its central location in Downtown Chicago makes it an important corridor that carries 20,000 vehicles and over 20,700 passengers on CTA buses. The project consisted of the demolition of the existing bridge and the construction of the new structure within a 3-month period.

This was an important project that provided the City of Chicago with a solution to continue the traffic flow of this busy area in downtown. So to reflect the details of the project, energyhill created an infographic and a landing page highlighting important aspects of the project.

Created and executed under a tight deadline, energyhill used information to create a cohesive description of the Cambridge Flat interim bridge project. The energyhill team of designers handcrafted the icons used in the infographic to illustrate the parts used in the construction of the bridge. In addition, a current picture of Downtown Chicago was used to show the area that now benefits from the bridge.