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Renton Prep already had a strong mission, vision, and action, but needed a full redesign of their web presence. Energyhill took a consulting approach and worked with them to set goals for their website redesign. Soon after this began, it was realized that a full marketing plan was needed. The initial design services would not fully tell the story of the schools’ mission and purpose. By creating videos of their students, teachers, and events, the schools’ were able to tell their unique stories. Print collateral, landing page design, conference banners, one sheets, ad campaigns, social campaigns, and more.

The redesign of their website and re-organization of their content yielded a 6,844% increase in monthly traffic to their website. Furthermore, the videos have increased time on page by 10.13% year over year. An increase in traffic as well as time on page are all goals that were initially set forth by Renton Prep.