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energyhill is an award-winning full-service marketing agency. our mission is more than just creating beautiful experiences. we combine the art of creative marketing and business to bring enduring results to your organization.

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energyhill transforms ideas into captivating experiences for your audience. we custom-design apps that represent your brand and provide solutions to achieve more.

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u.s. bridge

U.S. Bridge’s mission is to connect communities one steel bridge at a time. Therefore, when the city of Chicago needed an interim bridge to replace the Chicago Avenue bridge, U.S. Bridge stepped up to the plate. The energyhill team of designers handcrafted the icons used in the infographic to illustrate the parts used in the construction of the bridge. In addition, to a landing page and Google Ads.


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Sigalarm needed a fully responsive website, clarification of the brand, ongoing collateral for events and conferences, email campaigns, lead generation, advertising, and SEO content. tactics were crafted for Sigalarm’s audience. a word of mouth business became a digital word of mouth business, powered by content and social synchronized campaigns.

case study         work

branding, web design, content, video

renton prep

Renton Prep Christian School required a responsive website and help with branding. energyhill developed a strategy that would aid in telling their story (actually, turned out to be many great stories) of kids whose lives have been changed through the Microsoft Showcase School in Seattle, Washington.


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energyhill’s award-winning marketing campaigns drive growth and awareness for brands and organizations of all different sizes. we are a full-service creative marketing agency ready to partner with you and create powerful results.


what is your strategy? this may be easy to define, however, the tactics that will best help your brand grow is another thing. with compelling concepts, design, and messaging we help people connect with and love your brand.


as a digital agency we know solid design that caters to your target audience. we create beautifully crafted experiences to give your brand a powerful voice that moves your audience from interest to action.

energyhill 2019 awards

award-winning creativity

we’re so proud of our achievements for our clients and partners! our most recent wins (2019), are from Hermes, AVA, and Communicator awards for the “WeHeartPR” campaign for one of our partners.


I’d like to take this moment to thank each of you. I can’t even begin to tell you how refreshing it is to know and trust that my site is in such great hands. I had always felt that there had to be someone who could interpret what I was trying to accomplish and implement my vision. After years of struggling with content curation, site mechanics, Adwords and analytics, I am so relieved to have found you. It had been a painstaking process that absorbed my time, was a complete distraction and utter frustration. I have to admit, in the beginning of our relationship, I was skeptical after years of consistent disappointment with other vendors. Though here I am, just a few short months later, and can’t even believe what you’ve been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. Simply remarkable.

December was standard traffic for the past 8-9 months prior to launch and since January our traffic has increased 29%.

Not sure if it’s the new website… but within days of launch … a HUGE order! Exceeded our expectations.

Choosing an advertising and marketing company is an important investment in the growth of your business. We used a few companies in the past, but they did not live up to our expectations. We finally had the pleasure to find such a professional and courteous company as energyhill. Our experience on the advertising campaign has improved drastically and our leads have been nonstop. We have recently started the PPC campaign and the return has been a great investment for our business. We highly recommend energyhill Team for your advertising and marketing needs. They transformed the way we interact with our customers!

I am extremely happy with the services energyhill has provided for my salon and brand, KellGrace. Everything from web, print, DVDs, marketing, and strategy energyhill can master. My company’s image is top notch because of energhill. I cannot wait for future projects with them! I definitely recommend contacting them.
They are the best!

Working with energyhill was like breaking open a piñata. Their expertise in starting with the absolute right questions really challenged and focused me strategically. And their attention to every detail in the final product was truly extraordinary, so they are tactically excellent, as well. The greatest surprise of all to come out of this engagement is the delight of working with the people. The warmth and passion of the team extended past the project at hand — and it was clear they cared about my ultimate success. This is a quality very rare to find, in today’s business world. And I have a strong suspicion, its the only way they know to work. So glad I found energyhill!

We’re so happy with our conversion rate… and qualified leads!

us out.

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