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What are the Benefits of Good SEO vs. Bad?

If you operate an online business, then you probably know how important it is to have good SEO. But what distinguishes good search engine optimization from bad? And, how do you know that your company is doing everything it should to earn you a top spot in the organic search results? The fact is that […]

2020 Marketing insights: What’s behind and what’s to come

Another decade of marketing mishaps has come and gone. This past year saw plenty of new campaign tactics, design trends, and brand overhauls, but a few key things managed to stand out. Here are some marketing insights from our founder and president, Ryan. 2019 marketing insights From celebrity endorsements to fast food squabbles, 2019 saw […]

Why Marketing Agencies Use Content Strategy and Content Planning

More often than not, people think that content strategy and content planning are one and the same. While they share similarities, ultimately, they are very different. The common denominator here is content. And while strategy and planning are crucial, if companies lack remarkable content, then the efforts are in vain. Read on to see the […]


Tampa Creative Marketing Agency, energyhill, Wins Awards in 2019

We’re merely halfway through the year and energyhill has already seen many changes. To begin with, the creative marketing agency welcomed the new year in a new location. The new office has an open space concept that fosters collaboration among team members and boosts creativity. However, one of the biggest happenings this year is energyhill […]

#36daysoftype Project, the ‘World’s Fair’ of Typography

Every field and industry has its own event where works and/or products are showcased. Well, that is what 36 Days of Type is in the world of type. It is an international typography project that encourages illustrators, animators, and artists to give their interpretation of the letters of our alphabet. View it as an open […]

Women History Month: Outstanding Women, Part 2

The best part about highlighting outstanding women is appreciating the diversity and versatility of each one. The beauty of diversity is that each component contributes to benefit the whole. And that is exactly what this group of women does. Their diverse background and work experience enrich the organizations they are a part of and promotes […]

Women History Month: Outstanding Women, Part 1

In the month of March, energyhill highlighted outstanding women in different fields for Women’s History Month. And as an agency that is woman-owned, we wanted to commemorate the contributions of some of the women we have the privilege to know and work with. So, March is not just 31 days of celebrating female strength and […]


2018 Marketing Review, Insights from Dr. Ryan Lowe

Every year at Energyhill we huddle up as a team to reflect on the year that is coming to an end. 2018 was a fantastic year! We grew so much, literally and figuratively. Here’s a quick recap and marketing review on an incredible year and our expectations for 2019. 2018, the Year of Digital Content […]


Dear Google Plus, We Bid You Goodbye

Google Plus is getting ready to say goodbye to the world. But why? A security breach that put users’ information at risk is what burst the bubble. Despite this security issue, we must highlight that Google+ is not as successful a social platform as expected. Regardless, the consumer interest was never there. Let’s examine what […]