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7 Tactics To Get More Email Subscribers

Growing your email list is a quick way to increase your reach and promote your products or services to a warm audience. Email subscribers offer businesses a great chance to reach engaged customers who have previously shown interest in your services. Below are seven ways you can generate more email subscribers for your outreach efforts. […]

Top 4 Social Media Guidelines For Business Owners

Social media has rapidly become an integral tool for most businesses. Due to its unprecedented reach and its amazing growth, it is easy for small business owners – and even some larger business owners – to be overwhelmed by all the options. Plus, even if you choose the one or two platforms you think are […]

Color Gradients Are The New Black

There are few elements of the natural world more evocative than color. Perhaps second only to smell, seeing or experiencing certain colors causes a visceral reaction. Much research has been done in the realm of colors and what they mean. Red often equates to anger or passion; blue offers a sense of calm. Whatever the colors might […]

Behind Energyhill, Our Story

There are times in life and business when things come together for the good. It could be called destiny, karma, luck, sovereignty, or a plethora of descriptive phrases.  Ryan and Gloria Lowe have found it. Maybe it found them. However it may be described, there is an “Aura” about this couple and their rising marketing […]

How Visual Advertising Will Change Marketing in 2017

Competition for consumers and their hard-earned dollars appears to be at an all-time high. Gone are the days when an ad in the Sunday paper or a banner campaign across the web’s top 5 sites would garner you the ROI needed. Now with media options on the rise – and changing every day – it’s difficult […]

Can Digital Trends Influence Our Interactions?

Agencies across the world have made their digital predictions for the second half of 2017 and beyond. These predictions often shape the media we recommend, how we allocate marketing budgets and more. So, how can some of the more common predictions for 2017 influence strategy moving forward? Let’s examine some of the newest digital trends and […]

We Took the Challenge – 36 Days of Type

At Energyhill, we are always looking for ways to expand our imaginations, learn something new, and innovate. Not only does this help us become better designers, marketers, and advertisers, it also helps us become better client partners. Recently, the design team at Energyhill participated in the international 36 Days of Type. Two graphic designers (Nina […]

Marketing Agency vs Freelancer: Which is Better?

Today’s gig-driven economy means there are more individuals than ever hanging a virtual shingle and advertising their expertise for hire. Especially in advertising, marketing and design fields, freelancing has become a key aspect of the gig economy. Marketing Agency vs Freelancer While it is tempting to hire a freelance writer or designer for your next […]

Google AdWords for Video with TrueView

Pay for the people you want with TrueView YouTube Size and Scope. #1 online video site. #2 largest search engine (behind Google). #3 largest site. 4 billion+ video streams per day. 60 hours of video uploaded every minute. 70% of YouTube’s traffic comes from outside the US. 72%* of US online population watch a YouTube […]